Looking For a Way Out

e-cigarretesE-cigarettes are becoming more popular than cigarettes. I switched to vaping as soon as they came out, I was looking for a way out of smoking cigarettes, which was a nasty habit that I had for about 20 years. I found success in quitting smoking cigarettes by vaping and have been a satisfied customer and a non-smoker for about 4 years now. 

I started with a small pen-like vaporizer and moved up to a more “professional” e-cig that was about $200. Although it was expensive it’s a lot cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes every day especially considering the amount of damage I have saved on my lungs and body, since vaporizers do not produce smoke they are less harmful to the body and to the environment. The liquid is called “e-juice,” which has different levels of nicotine in it. You can choose to buy e-juice without nicotine if you prefer. The less nicotine the more flavor you will get from the e-juice. I really enjoy my vaporizer and take it with me wherever I go. Although I still follow the rules of smoking 20 feet away from buildings and try to keep it out of the way of non-smokers. Yet I find I can smoke inside without the terrible odor of cigarettes in my house.

There is a controversy that e-cigarettes have become popular amongst youth but I think that they are good for people who want to quit smoking and I really believe they work for that purpose and am thankful for their invention. My doctor told me that they are healthier than than cigarettes and I believe him and I think many other people feel the same as I do. “E-cigarettes and other vaping products are on track to out-sell cigarettes by the end of 2023.” Due to their popularity the tax and prices of e-cigarettes will most likely be on the rise soon.

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  1. As much as I agree that vaping is healthier as well less offensive to others; I wonder what you think about that at the moment, for people of lesser means may find it difficult to get themselves set up with vaping. I know for myself, that initial cost to set one’s self up was exspensive.I know that many people in poverty if not homeless appear to smoke. I find it difficult to believe that although these individuals would like to quit, they will not because it easier for them to hustle up the cost for cigarette products rather than the cost it would be to afford the alternative you are advocating.

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    1. I agree with your comment. As it can be very costly to get a good set-up to start out with to the point where you feel you are comfortable and to not feel those terrible cravings to smoke cigarettes. I also admit it can be an expensive habit to upkeep as bottles of e-juice can cost up to $20 a bottle whereas a pack of cigarettes only cost about $6. I think the cheapest bottle you can buy “off the shelf” unless you get it on sale is around $10, but it will last you more than one day, longer than a pack of smokes.

      If I were homeless I know it would be a lot easier for me to hustle up $6 compared to the cost of vaping. So I know unfortunately, I don’t think this is a habit for people of lesser means. Which is why I have even a hard time affording it sometimes. But since I would so much rather not smoke I hustle up enough money for vaping, sometimes sacrificing my gas money instead.

      Thank you for your comment and good perspective and insight… hope to hear more from you Bryan

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  2. Also I am not advocating vaping, I am simply blogging on it an stating that I believe it is healthier than cigarettes and can ultimately lead to non-smoking as it did for me. I think it should be more affordable but that I cannot control. If you are committed to saving your health unfortunately sometimes you have to pay a little more out of pocket.

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  3. My wife and I are both sensitive to cigarettes,, but have yet to encounter the electronic ones. Since their introduction iin this area, many towns have started to regulate their use. Good start for your new blog, Huh? 🙂

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      1. Oh that’s fine. Just that is enough information for me. I have noticed the same regulations go up in my town. I bet it will be similar to Marijuana products when they become available. May I ask which state you live in? I’m from CA.

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      2. Yes. I’ve heard Massachusetts is another liberal state. I live in a very liberal city, which is why I why I was attracted to your “Go Green” shirt. But I guess that is a shirt you just use to do yard work in judging from the grass stains, lol.


      3. It is actually from a few years before, when The company our crew does security for…were generous with their goodies. Especially on their observance of Earth Day—generally the w/e before or afterward…to clean up along several roads in the area, with both breakfast and lunch included! We security people–two per shift back then, would be included although we stayed at our post and did rounds.

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      4. Naw…I’m only 59. Besides, I took out a loan from my 401k, with four more years to pay it off! Just did–Friday through Saturday–my regular shift till 12:30 am, slept three or so hours and then went to another site for another 8 hours from 4 am to 12 pm. Not dead yet…but there are days…!

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      5. Wow, that’s a lot of work! And you are still young. I’m sorry if you feel like you have those days, school makes me feel like that sometimes too. Especially my math class, ugh, pulling my hair out every other day.


  4. Interesting, have never heard that word before, after reading your post I understand it, not sure what my thoughts are at this stage.
    T smoked for 30 years, have been smokeless for nearly thirty years now.
    Been nice meeting you, hope you have had a peaceful weekend.

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    1. I guess vaping is something more popular in my area. I’m not sure where you are from nut I have seen many commercials for it on TV and magazines here.
      Congratulations on kicking the habit, I am ultimately trying help people find a way out of smoking as well, as quitting smoking can be a very hard thing to do.
      Nice to meet you too and I also hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. And thank you for the comment. That is greatly appreciated that you would share your own personal experience with me. Thanks again kiwinana

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