I Got A Fuchai

It seems to me that you have to replace your Vape every 6 months. At least that’s been my experience so far with vaporizers. I had a SMOK which was working fine for me until it stopped puffing and the button on it would not work anymore. Unfortunately that put me out $120 which was actually a present from my boyfriend.

Now that I live in Portland there seems to be more of a variety of Vapes that are higher quality and I got myself a Fuchai which works extremely well but I have to admit the back broke off when I dropped it and now I have to keep a rubber band around it to keep it together and keep the batteries in and charged on the machine.

Hopefully this one will last me a while. It has lasted for over 6 months so far so that is a good sign. I am realizing that all of the Vapes are probably now made in China and even if they are made in the USA the parts are still made in China and they are just sent to the United States so nothing is really made in the USA anymore. I hope that this one will last once again it’s called a Fuchai and it is all metal and very durable it has my old atomizer on it so I only paid $50 for the mod which is nice that they were compatible.


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  1. Nice to see you back.
    My Kanger vape stopped charging after 3 years, so not bad. I bought two identical replacements for a total of $45 US, and if they also last 3 years, I wont be complaining.
    They are metal, with glass tanks, so dropping them can damage them and I have to be careful
    99% of vapes are made in China now. I don’t know of any made here in the UK.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. That is a very long time for a vape to last you are very lucky. I must be rough on My Vapes or something but I’m always on the move so sometimes things get dropped. Also I tend to have them on my bed charging and they get pulled off at night or when I wake up and kick the charger off the bed. And also I pull them out of my purse too fast or my pocket and they hit the sidewalk when I’m in a hurry I don’t think about it and then I tried to put it back together and it doesn’t work and it’s such a let-down oh man if I wasn’t so addicted to these Vapes I wouldn’t care but they are such a good replacement for cigarettes. I have to admit that when My Vapes break I do go back to smoking. Cigarettes are very expensive now though and so it is more monetarily viable to smoke Vapes not to mention it’s better for your health. So Vape on bro I’m glad you are still talking to me. Hope to talk to you more later. Have a good week!

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