Why My Vape Exploded

I have figured out why my vape exploded. First of all the expensive vape that I purchased almost a year ago had turned out to be a weak and faulty brand, which is what the store owner had told me who sold it to me, that they had recalled many of them. But they never explained to me that the stipulations for having that type of vape needed to have the correct batteries or the risk was that it would explode in my face. The batteries you need for a vape that uses two batteries are called “husband and wife” batteries, meaning you have to have the same type/brand and quality of battery so that they don’t explode.

SMOK – Alien. The best vape ever!

I had to find that out by myself though, because when you put two different batteries in and the vape starts getting hot that you have a problem. I know this sounds obvious but when you are working with a limited amount of money to be spending on broken or cheap vapes then the people who sell these products should be held responsible and accountable for explaining these things to you. I have gone through at least a half dozen of low quality or cheap vaporizers over the past four years that I have been using them. Not to mention the vape which exploded burnt my boyfriend’s carpet to a pulp, as well as his table. Now we are stuck trying to figure out how to resolve this issue because he might not get his deposit back on his apartment. And that store had told me that they had to replace someone’s mattress, so we are thinking that they should also repair our ruined carpet. We are even considering taking them to small claims court because they did not reimburse me any money or give me an replacement on it’s year warranty.

So make sure you by good quality batteries and make sure that they are the same level of quality, age and brand. And I would like to personally give my ex-favorite vape store a thumbs down on selling reputable products, which I won’t shop at anymore are Digital Ciggz and Saturn Man’s vape planet. Also I heard from a friend here on WordPress that Amazon will replace your broken vape under it’s warranty. So for anyone who would rather be more self-serving and enjoys online shopping, that you can also go on Amazon and purchase vapes that they will replace if they explode or break down.

As for my new vape which only cost $100 and was well worth the money is called a SMOK – Alien, this is by far the best vape I have ever had and I heard you can even get a better deal of it and pay $80 bucks instead. And I would also like to say that the best store in Sonoma County to shop from is called “Puff Puff Pass”. Where they value their customers and will help you out nd hook you up with deals on stuff if you are a regular customer.

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  1. Good to hear that you have found a better shop to buy your vape products from, Bel. If that other shop replaced a mattress, they they should definitely be liable for the carpet and table too. ‘Precedence’ is the key here, in that they knew of a preexisting issue, and had settled with the other customer over the mattress. Small claims court is definitely the right route to take.
    “In legal systems based on common law, a precedent, or authority, is a principle or rule established in a previous legal case that is either binding on or persuasive for a court or other tribunal when deciding subsequent cases with similar issues or facts.”

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Hi!
    Vaping is argued to have an entry curve due to the necessity of needing to purchase a device for it. Do you think that the problem of buying cheap e-cigarettes/vape pens is a serious issue in the current world of vaping? As there are thousands of different devices that you can buy for vaping, it is important that customers choose the right device for them. What are your thoughts on having a safety check on pen’s that are sold? To ensure that there will not be any faulty products and guarantee that they are safe to use.

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    1. I think that there is a buying curve when it comes to buying a vaporizer for vaping. The better one you buy, the better your vaping experience will be. (And the more closely it will be to resemble a cigarette-drag, if you are trying to simulate that to help yourself to quit smoking cigarettes and switch to vaping).

      Also, to answer your second question, I believe that all vaporizers should have an automatic – shut-down switch. To where you cannot keep pushing the heating button down so that your vape will never overheat in your pocket. As of having a safety check, I believe this should be done with all vaporizers, so that they do not explode without warning. Consumers should be advised on battery usage and safety as well when they purchase the product. As to not use old or damaged batteries like I did and then had my vape explode. Not to mention the machine I was using was not of superior quality and was known to explode. The manufacture knew this yet still continued to sell it to me and I believe that was wrong!


  3. I hope you do/did get the carpet replaced, but I’m not sure they have a legal responsibility? Sounds like there’s several parties at fault. First and foremost, the vape should’ve had a manual in which it explains the concepts of rated amperage and the like (You can almost certainly sue if not). Second, the shop which sold you the vape should have made sure you understood the concepts at play. Finally, and I hope you don’t take offense to this (I have a scar the shape of my first vape on my right thigh so I feel I can say this) but you should’ve made sure it was okay! The E-cig pictured has a maximum energy output roughly equivalent to 5 filament light bulbs and every part needs to be able to handle the current and load. That said, the fact they were willing to sell you what sounds like a mechanical mod without warning you that it has literally no safety features is incredibly irresponsible so I hope you can take them to the cleaners.

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  4. Thank you your informative article. At MaxVaping we’ve found that eJuice Company Blue Dragon has been the best seller for us since we started selling e-juice in 2013. That e-juice manufacturer delivers consistently high-quality vape juice. Lately, Vaspetasia’s Killer Kustard has been super hot selling.

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