Why Don’t Vaporizers Last Long?

DRAG Vaporizer

I got this new “DRAG” vape after about 6 months of using my Fuchai. My Fuchai broke. The back of it, where the batteries go, kept falling off and would not make contact with the batteries. Therefore it was broken so I went back to the store where I bought it, called Rose City Vapesters, and asked them if they could fix it. The only solution they had was to put rubber bands around the vape, which is exactly what I was already doing. Worthless I thought, the vape was and I was a little upset that I had paid $50 for the mod. Luckily my atomizer, which is the thing that holds the liquid on top was still in good condition so I could transfer the atomizer onto another mod.

Although I don’t like the look of this big box mod of the “DRAG” vape, I hope that it will last me longer than 6 months. It seems to me that I have had bad luck with vaporizers. They either don’t last that long or that one exploded on me.

The vape that I would like to have is made by a company called “Evolve” and I think that they are made in the US. Although I’ve also heard that most of the parts still come from China. Well that is what I was told by a vape store employee. I would still like to buy one because they are sleek looking and more feminine by design. I am going to buy one when I get an extra $60 for my upcoming birthday and when I get paid from work. Then for the first time I will have two vapes at once so that when one breaks or isn’t working I will have the opportunity to use the one that works. Also, I like the fact that the Evolve brand represents themselves as a non-smoking, quitting cigarette smoking brand.

Evolve vape
Evolve vaporizer


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    1. Good to hear from you Beetleypete. I would love to see what your vaping with. Is there some way you could send me a picture of your vape? I’m glad you have been keeping up with me and I have to admit you’re my favorite follower. Have a nice day friend 🙂

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      1. I use the one that I sent the link to. There is a photo of it on the link to the Kanger website I use a black one, and I bought 4, to have spare batteries. My wife has the same thing, with blue and silver colours though.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Still using the one shown. I have never felt the need for an adjustable model, or a ‘big tank’ version. This Evod works really well, and is super reliable, as long as you change the coils regularly. 🙂

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  1. I’ve only had one vape fail, and it was one I made out of electronics scrap. When I get a vape, I ignore the brand and look up a schematic or breakdown online to see exactly how it works. I’ve had a mechanical mod I bought from china (Which is a ‘tugboat’ but probably doesn’t represent real tugboat vapes very well) go through two switches, but it’s been easy for me to replace the parts. I honestly vape constantly so I doubt electronic wear is the cause but mechanical wear. I am obsessively careful with my equipment, live in a fairly cold climate and carry the vape in a protective case.

    I recently got a vape with a control board rather than a simple mechanical because the pricing has now reached acceptable levels, for £21 I bought a 200 watt kangertech vape which is yet to fail me, but has only been through a month of heavy use so far. I hope this doesn’t sound accusatory but do you think it could be a lifestyle factor? I’ve dropped my tugboat twice in a year, and while I have to bend the battery terminals to make better connection every 3 months maintenance is otherwise minimal.

    If you wanted my advice, I’d recommend going for a beefier model of vape (like the one you have now) as larger components are generally more durable. I have a little leather purse I keep my vape in when I’m out and about to minimise concussive forces on the parts and I keep it in my pocket by itself. Without knowing more about you, I’d guess you were just consistently unlucky. The vape beetleypete suggests is therefore a really good option, and something I’d recommend, as it should not only be durable enough for your purposes, but cheap to replace as it wears down.

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    1. Yes, I think the next vape that I purchase will probably be a Kangertech. I’ve had good luck with them before, as long as you don’t drop them, which I am very careful not to do.
      They are affordable and now I’ve heard from a few people that they last pretty long.
      If you follow me I’de really appreciate it and would follow you back. 🙂 Thanks for the reply.


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