My kiosk is meant to help those who want to go hiking, camping or back-packing in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and Nevada. There are many trails to choose from and sometimes it’s difficult to decide on where to go or if you really want to book a permit for camping when you... Continue Reading →


Mobile App UX Review

I thought this was a nice and clean app. It is simple to read with minimalistic buttons which make it easy to use. Also it has a lot of witting and information without being overbearing.  The colors are all similar and make it have that simple appearance. Also it uses shapes and circles on the... Continue Reading →

I Got A Fuchai

It seems to me that you have to replace your Vape every 6 months. At least that's been my experience so far with vaporizers. I had a SMOK which was working fine for me until it stopped puffing and the button on it would not work anymore. Unfortunately that put me out $120 which was... Continue Reading →

Why My Vape Exploded

I have figured out why my vape exploded. First of all the expensive vape that I purchased almost a year ago had turned out to be a weak and faulty brand, which is what the store owner had told me who sold it to me, that they had recalled many of them. But they never... Continue Reading →

Got A New Vape

I got an early birthday present, my boyfriend bought me a really nice vaporizer. I absolutely love it, it's called a Smok - Alien and it works really good. I would say it's one of the best vapes I've ever had and it was only $100. It takes two batteries and you push down on one... Continue Reading →

Successfully Lowered Nicotine Levels

Last week was the first week I have ever tried to lower the amount of nicotine I use in my vaporizer. When choosing a flavor of e-juice, you can pick from a variety of different levels of nicotine. Heavy cigarette smokers will often start out with 24 milligrams of nicotine in their e-juice, which is the... Continue Reading →

Down To 3mg Nicotine Strength

I am now using a 3mg nicotine strength in my vaporizer as opposed to the 6 mg I was using previously. I have lowered the amount of nicotine I am using to hopefully get off the addictive factor of the e-juice. It will be easier to quit completely if I am on a lower amount... Continue Reading →

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