Got A New Vape

My New Vape – SMOK

I got an early birthday present, my boyfriend bought me a really nice vaporizer. I absolutely love it, it’s called a Smok – Alien and it works really good. I would say it’s one of the best vapes I’ve ever had and it was only $100. It takes two batteries and you push down on one side of it to get a hit. It has a digitized screen on one side that shows a bunch of technical stuff like volts, ohms, amps, watts, degrees, number of puffs and battery levels. You can get huge clouds off of it and I think that is what my favorite part about it is. I love my boyfriend so much and he is so thoughtful. He also bought one for himself. The only thing I would change about it is that the tank is a bit small and it goes through juice pretty fast, so you have to refill it a lot, but that could be that’s because I’m using it so much.

So since I was close to stop vaping from last time I wrote a post I am definitely going to still continue to vape. I am just so happy with this new vape I can’t wait to show it off. I will still continue to lower my nicotine levels down to zero but I don’t think I will stop vaping completely. This vape is just too nice to stop now. Plus I don’t think that this one will explode like the last one did. It seems like it’s a lot more sturdy and built a little better. I am looking forward to having this one for over a year. If anyone in Sonoma County wants to know I bought it at Puff Puff Pass which is located in Cotati, CA. They have very helpful salespeople there and are very nice to customers.


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  1. That’s a nice-looking vape, and a great gift. I really like that it takes separate batteries too.
    I looked it up here, and it costs the equivalent of $72 from Amazon UK. If my Kanger machines die on me, I might get one of those.
    You might be using more fluid because of the extra power of the machine, or maybe just because you are enjoying using it more. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Congrats on your New Vape. I have tried it few times in the very being of vapes and again just a couple years ago. the last time I tried it, I had to quit because it was messing with my meds. Seeing the advances in the technology, I might give it another shot. CS5711

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    1. Thanks for the reply. I would definitely recommend this vape if you are looking to purchase one. That’s interesting that vaping would have a negative effect on your meds. I would be careful with that because you don’t want to have a bad interaction. Best wishes 🙂 -bel


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