Successfully Lowered Nicotine Levels

Last week was the first week I have ever tried to lower the amount of nicotine I use in my vaporizer. When choosing a flavor of e-juice, you can pick from a variety of different levels of nicotine. Heavy cigarette smokers will often start out with 24 milligrams of nicotine in their e-juice, which is the limit they have to use to get off of their heavy smoking addiction. From 24 mg on, you can go down slowly to 18 mg, then 12 mg, 6 mg, 3 mg and then 0 mg. Getting down to zero nicotine has been a goal of mine for the past few months, because as far as I know nicotine is the only addictive substance that comes from vaping. It is labeled on the bottle as being an ingredient that is unhealthy and can cause cancer (just like a regular pack of cigarettes). So I figured if I’m trying to vape to benefit my health why am I still using nicotine at all?

I went down to 3 mg, from 6 mg, for the first time in my life and I haven’t had any negative repercussions. I have been a little moody and a bit stressed and I have to admit when I smell a cigarette I do get a small thought about how I would like to smoke one. Yet this could be just due to the fact that it is getting close to “finals” week at school and I always get stressed during this time. But other than that I am not vaping more than usually, I thought I was going to be going through bottles like crazy but I still vape the same amount and I don’t need to buy more e-juice than I used to This is a good thing because e-juice is expensive and the prices have gone up. The government has implemented a tax on vape accessories and it has finally, yet unfortunately has gone into effect.

Portland State Logo

The new tax on e-liquids are making them over $20 a bottle, but this lasts me a week. So it’s still cheaper than buying cigarettes. And after vaping I know I could never go back to smoking. Plus I got accepted to a university in Portland State college which is in Oregon, where I don’t think people condone smoking cigarettes that much because they are all about being healthy and stuff. At least in Portland I know they are a green city. Who knows I might just quit before I move up there and save myself some time and money. We will see. But it would be nice not to have to be dependent on any type of addiction even if it is harmless like vaping.

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  1. I can buy bottles of fluid for £1 online here. They are only 10 ml, but each lasts about three days. The prices in the US seem very high, and that gives you another good reason to stop eventually, especially as you are moving to a city that seems to discourage any smoking.
    You have done well to adjust to the lower level so quickly too.
    Perhaps when you no longer vape, you can blog about your new life in Portland instead?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks, that is a lovely idea. I already have the other blog going called in the life of bel. Ever since the explosion I have been so apprehensive of getting another vaporizer. The old Kangertech I have right now seems to be working fine. But what pisses me off is that the store did not refund me with a new one of equal value. Or at least offer to pay for the damages incurred when it almost burnt the house down. They told me the had already had to pay to buy a entire new mattress for someone who’s bed got burnt by a faulty vape. I need them to replace the carpet in order to get back my boyfriends security deposit.

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      1. I agree that the shop should take more responsibility. Do you have Consumer Safety over there, as in a government or state organisation? We have something here called The Health and Safety Executive, and they can prosecute faulty goods suppliers, allowing the customer to sue for damages, or accept a settlement offer out of court. Worth investigating your State Laws, I think.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Hi Belen! I really like the layout of your blog. It sucks you in with simply the compelling photos on the first page. I had no idea vaping could be used to decrease a nicotine habit. Knowing this now is such an incredible tool. I plan to share your blog with my clients or friends who smoke in order to inspire them to whittle down their habit. Congrats on getting into the university in Portland and best of luck to you!
    Courtney #cs5711

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    1. That sounds great Courtney, I’m flattered that you will share my blog. Thanks for checking it out and for the congrats on my transferring to PSU. I’m looking forward to moving. Have a nice week! -bel


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