Down To 3mg Nicotine Strength

I am now using a 3mg nicotine strength in my vaporizer as opposed to the 6 mg I was using previously. I have lowered the amount of nicotine I am using to hopefully get off the addictive factor of the e-juice. It will be easier to quit completely if I am on a lower amount of nicotine than if I am using a higher form of nicotine, so this is a good thing. And I am proud of myself for moving down to a lower amount of nicotine because it’s been about two years that I’ve been using the 6mg amount.

I don’t know how long I will have to be on the 3mg amount of nicotine before I move down to the zero amount of nicotine but I think I could do it in a couple of months. The goal is to get down to zero and to get down to vaping nothing from there if I choose to. There are other benefits of smoking the lesser nicotine flavors one is that you get more of a better flavor from the e-juice. Meaning you get a better overall flavor from the juice because you don’t have to taste any of the nicotine flavor. Which is a spicy kind of watery flavor, that hits your throat and kind of of makes you want to cough a little bit.

Overall I’m happy about this and I feel like i am fulfilling a goal so I am happy to be completing this goal because I have been wanting to do this for a long time but haven’t done it for a while because I either thought I would go through juice a lot faster or I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get enough nicotine if I cut down but I feel like I am ready and I think it’s time so I am glad I have made this commitment because it is hard to make that choice to quit vaping or to cut down on it. It will be better on my health and overall well being in the long run.

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  1. Well done with cutting down to such a low strength. For me, that ‘hit’ you describe is still an addiction, and I confess that I am still on 18 mg! However, I know some others who use 24 mg, and 30 mg. Far too strong for my taste.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Yes, I occasionally try the 12mg because that is what my boyfriend uses and I can tell a huge difference. I get a little cough and my heart races a bit when I vape at his strength, it’s strong stuff. And I’m glad in down to 3mg. I don’t notice if I’m vaping more yet and I don’t miss the nicotine which is fine with me. Have a nice week 🙂 -Bel next time we talk maybe I’ll be down to zero. But most likely that’ll take me a few weeks.

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