I’ve Cut Down On My Vaping

Ever since my nice, expensive, $175 box mod vape exploded, I have noticed that I have been vaping less and less. I don’t know why I have started vaping less and less but I think it might have to do with the fact that I am just not getting the same hit as I was before. The Kangertech that I am using gives a smaller puff than my other broken vape. It is also taped together at the top of the mouthpiece and it is getting old. Sometimes I feel like I am sucking up juice from the mouthpiece and it does not produce the same cloud effect that I am used to.

So I am wondering if I will even continue vaping or choose to save my money when I get money for my birthday next month, on May 24th. When I went to the store to try to get a full refund or exchange of my broken vape I got a mini Kangertech which was also not enough to satisfy me. Who knows this could be an end to my vaping experiences.

I have thought about quitting vaping as a whole and becoming a complete non-smoker and a non-vaper as well. I have heard that buying a vaporizer from Amazon.com can be the best way to ensure that I get a full year warranty on my vape. But I am not sure about buying stuff online because you cannot try things out. I’d like to be able to test out the vapes before I buy them. Maybe I could go to the shop where I bought my nice vape that exploded and then get the name of the vape I want to buy and then go ahead and buy that same vaporizer online. I would most likely like to buy something made in America but I have heard that even when they say they are made in America the parts are still made in China and then assembled in the U.S. We will see how this works on. Maybe by next week I will have made my mind up to never vape again. It just gets so complicated always having to upgrade your vape. Does anyone know of a good quality brand of vaporizer that would be great.

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  1. If you can manage to give up vaping completely, I am sure that would be a good thing.
    However, I don’t think any mainstream devices are really made outside of China these days. As you say, those stamped ‘Made in America’ (or UK) are really only assembled from Chinese parts.
    Amazon will accept returns if you are unhappy with your choice. Just tell them it is not working as you had hoped, and they will exchange or refund.
    I tried a few brands, but Kangertech is still the best, in my opinion.

    If you do stop vaping, then keep blogging on a different subject!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I really like your blog because you are very honest with your thought process and seem to be open to becoming healthier. I think it would be great for you to stop vaping altogether. Your blog can be very inspirational to people struggling to quit their addictions. Great post! #CS5711

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    1. Thanks for your honest reply, recipesofthebeatenpath, I also enjoyed your blog as well. We will see how things go as far as quitting vaping but it is hard as I am still using a form of nicotine which is an addictive substance. I guess I could choose to go to the gum or the patch for the nicotine but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. But your opinion is heard and I will take that into consideration as that would also satisfy my family if I quit vaping too. I know I will quit one day I’m just not sure when but thanks for the recommendation, I will take that into consideration. Have a nice weekend. 🙂 -Bel cs5711

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