I Tried To Get A Replacement Vape On Warranty

I took my vape in to the shop where I bought it. Which is a pretty nice, high-quality vape shop/bar, called Digital Cigzz, and asked if there was anything they could do for me since my vaporizer had exploded. So they gave me a mini box Kangertech for free, when usually it costs $42 out the door. So I thought that was a nice gesture and of course I accepted it. I mean how can you turn down free things. But then as I left the building and thought about it for a while I was wondering if I actually got the short end of the stick. Because the manager who kindly offered me the mini mod took my old mod and said he was going to fiddle with it and see what went wrong with it, I was wondering if he was going to send it back to the manufacture to get a free replacement. Which I then thought well what if he could’ve just given me the information of how to contact the manufacturer so that I could’ve sent it back to them to get my vape replaced under it’s year warranty.

Mini and Medium Kangertechs

Not that I think that he would rip me off or anything like that but I would’ve much rather had mine replaced for the price of shipping and handling because I spent $175 on my vape that exploded which is nowhere near the cost of the one he gave to me. Yet since he runs a reputable business and they have always been good to me. I know that they have good quality vaporizers and it’s one of the best shops in the county, I will still probably go back and purchase another mod from them. I gave the mini Kangertech box mod to my boyfriend because he was also having a hard time with some of the vaporizers that he was purchasing lately and he had given me his other medium sized Kangertech to use instead. (They are both pictured side by side in the photo below.) I like they way my vape works and my boyfriend is so sweet and generous he gave me the nice one to use while he uses the mini Kangertech. We will probably both upgrade when we get some money. But I am satisfied with my Kangertech at the moment and I plan on buying a new vaporizer for my birthday next month.

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  1. I am not sure how trading laws work in the US. Over here, the warranty may be provided by the manufacturer, but the retailer is compelled to honour it. I think the shop should have acted like this;

    1) Immediate replacement of the identical product
    2) Cash refund of the cost or a voucher for that amount to be spent there
    3) Given you a receipt, and returned the item to Kangertech as faulty

    As it stands, you are still out $130+ dollars, and even though they have made the gesture of the smaller vape, it is a very different, and much cheaper product. You may have had issues proving that the explosion was not your fault (charging, power strength, etc) but the shop should put their reputation first. It is unlikely that they will try to get the new one from Kangertech, as they are notoriously difficult to deal with. But they may have a system in place, whereby they are credited for faulty items that they discard.

    There is also the issue of customer safety. They should be removing similar items from sale, in case someone else is injured by them. I think you still have a case to argue the point with the shop. Consumer law is on your side.

    I would suggest using Amazon in future. They hold all sellers responsible, and never fail to give customers a refund on a faulty product, within warranty. The return process is easy, and Amazon do not like adverse publicity, so always refund. (Or replace, if you prefer)

    Best wishes, Pete.

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