Getting A New Vape On Warranty

I have not yet taken in my old vape to the store yet to see if they can replace it on warranty, but I have a feeling that they will say no. When they look at it and see that the batteries exploded out of the back of it they will probably say it was a battery malfunction and not replace it, even though there was really nothing technically wrong with the batteries, other than them being over six months old, but I thought the average lifespan of a battery was at least eight months. This is why I am lagging on taking it into the store because I first of all do not have the receipt so I am hoping that they will have that information on file because everytime I buy something I give them my name and they put it into their computer system I am hoping that they will have the date I bought my vape on file.

Plus I wouldn’t consider myself a very good businesswomen when it comes to advocating for myself. I don’t want to go into the store and start crying because my expensive mod exploded and almost burnt my face off becuase I don’t think that would get me very far. Although I would hate to rehash the story with all the dramatics but if that helps me get a new vape I’ll do what I have to, I mean except for the crying part, I’m not going to break down like that, how embarrassing. I wonder if I went into the store with an eye patch on if that would help at all. And say hey look, look at what your vape did to me. Arg now I’m a pirate. Serve me up my vaporizer me maties. I’m a vapor for life now, hehe. That’s kind of effed up huh? Anyway I don’t mean to make fun of “vapers for life” but yes we vapers need to stick together I guess I’m just upset I’m just too much of a broke college student who will probably have to wait for my birthday next month to buy a new good vape. Oh well I can be patient. Right now I’m using a medium sized Kangertech mod and atomizer that my boyfriend let me borrow, so sweet of him. Check his guitar skills and vaping out here


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  1. I see no reason why that equipment should not have lasted for one year. A year’s guarantee is a reasonable time to expect something to work, and be covered by warranty. And that’s without the aspect of the danger involved too.
    I would be firm, not tearful. Ask for a refund, in a reasonable tone. If they flat-out refuse, tell them that you will buy online instead, and give their shop bad reviews on the Internet. I doubt they will want any adverse publicity, especially the ‘dangerous bit’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Yes I was thinking of telling them I am doing a blog on vaping and see if that would scare them into bad publicity. I mean my site is called Sonoma County Vaping. But thank you for your advice I will be firm. I mean I do give all my business to them and they know if I buy another one I won’t go back to them if they don’t help me out. Because yes that was dangerous and that’s not good business. Thanks my friend. Cheers, have a nice day 🙂

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