Vaping In Social And Public Situations

I feel so much more comfortable smoking my vape in social and public situations because I feel like the vape produces a less threatening and harmful aroma than a cigarette. Plus most of my friends vape as opposed to smoke so I feel much more comfortable vaping in a crowd of vapers than being a smoker in a crowd of vapers.

When we go out to dinner and then we all go outside to vape on the sidewalk I feel as though it is a lot less offensive than if we were all smoking cigarettes outside on the sidewalk. The business owners don’t come out and shut the door on us when we ware vaping outside or ask us to move away from the door like they might if we were all four or more deep smoking cigarettes in front of an establishment.

So I feel confident that it is less annoying for passersby as well and for that I am grateful because no one wants to be a nuisance if they don’t have to be. At least I know I don’t want to be a nuisance to anyone. I still realize that vaping might be annoying to some people who might want to walk by calmly and get into the restaurant or establishment we happen to be standing in front of, but it is only a vapor and dissipates quickly into the air. The vapor is made out of mostly water and so therefore will not cling to the air like cigarette smoke.

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  1. It is certainly much more socially acceptable than smoking, that’s for sure. Where we live, some restaurants allow the use of Vapes inside, as long as there are no children seated. However, we still go outside, so as not to create any issues with people who might object.
    Did you get your machine replaced, or have to buy a new one? I hope you don’t have the same battery issues as before.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. First off, very nice post. 7 years vaping here. I just wanted to correct one thing, since it was a misconception I had too. Ejuice consists of two base liquids. I’ll use a 70/30 mix for the example since it’s what I use. When you see that, the 70 means 70% of the juice is vegetable glycerin. It’s what creates the majority of the “cloud”, or vapor. The other is 30% propylene glycol. It tends to be the carrier of the flavoring. Both of those liquids are used in foods, medicines, makeup, etc. The flavorings are food based flavorings known to be safe for inhalation. There are some that are unsafe but it’s not an issue with the companies producing juices. Anyway, I didn’t mean to lecture. We vapers need to stick together with all the regulations coming out against vaping.

    When it comes to public area vaping, I carry 2 mods with me. First is a 220 watt Alien with a TFV8 tank, typically running around 200 watts. No, I’m not a cloud chaser, the juice I like tastes better hot. That setup is for driving, home, at friends, bars, etc. The other is an iStick Pico 75 watt with the Mello 3 Mini tank at 50 watts. Perfect for restaurants,shopping, theaters, etc. I always ask before vaping in a business, so never have an issue. Again though, great post.

    Ethereal Drakaina

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      1. You’re very welcome. I’m still learning every time I look into vaping as a hobby and industry, so I just try to help inform others whenever I can so we can beat the proposed regulations against vaping.

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  3. Your blog is so interesting! I know zero about vaping so this is all new to me but I appreciate your personal commentary and experiences with vaping plus this research you back it up with. I wish vaping was more popular when I was in undergrad – that’s where I started started smoking cigarettes socially. Vaping would have been a much healthier option I’m sure! CS5711.

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  4. Great topic as I notice a lot of vaping around town. I have a friend who recently switched from cigarettes to an e-cig to help her quit. It always surprises me how much vapor is released. Also, the strong fruity smells are best outside, rather than in a restaurant, in my opinion. CS5711

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