My Vape Just Exploded

burnt vape
The bottom of my exploded vaporizer

So scary and I never thought it would happen to me. I had an inkling when I put batteries in it and it got overheated in the past that one day this vaporizer might turn on me and explode in my face. I think because today the batteries I put into it were old that I compromised the machine.

I was casually refilling my atomizer with juice and the next thing I know my vaporizer shoots off the table with sparks and fire coming out of the back of it. It shot off the table like a Roman candle. Leaving behind a dark burn hole in the table and metal pieces and burn holes all over the carpet where it fell. Shit there goes my boyfriend’s $200 deposit on his apartment! There was fire and sparks everywhere, I jumped out of the way for fear it was going to hit me while burning into a hot flaming fireball.

At least my face didn’t get burnt, cause damn that was a big hole on the table, can you imagine if that was my face? And I’m lucky I didn’t loose any teeth. Oh my gosh that was scary. And even though I still want to hit off my vape I am wondering if this will be an end all to my vaping experiences. Because that was traumatic. I had to do a dive roll to get away from the damn exploding vape. And even though it was on fire and could’ve started a house fire I was scared and my first instinct was to run. I never thought this would happen to me and now I don’t know what to do about vaping anymore. I am scared to have that ever happen again and it’s definitely not worth vaping if that’s going to happen again.

If my face had gotten scared or burnt, if I had lost teeth or if that had happened while I was driving the results could have been catastrophic. And I would say I would definitely never vape again. But since I wasn’t seriously hurt and I think I know why it happened, because I put old batteries into my vape, I cannot say that I’m not going to try and take my vape in to see if I can get a refund or a warranty on the $170 mechanism. Yet I am still wondering if it’s worth it. Is it worth the damage to your household and possibly the horrific accident you could cause to your face? No I don’t think so. Do you think you would continue to vape if this happened to you?

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  1. You were lucky to escape injury indeed. When vaping first became popular here, there were many incidents of ‘exploding chargers’, but few of actual vape devices exploding. My own devices require charging via a USB port only, as direct current on a fast charge can super-heat the battery.
    When I feel the outside of the machine getting warm, I change the heating coil element immediately, as this is a sure sign that I need a new one. You are an experienced vaper, so I am presuming you were aware of this. It sounds as if you experienced a dangerous complete failure of your device. I would urge you to return it to the supplier and demand a refund. They will not want any adverse publicity, I’m sure.
    As to continuing to use vaping machines, I suppose it is like any of our electrical devices around the home. People are burned by hair straighteners, and fan heaters sometimes catch fire. We can only hope that good wiring and basic electrical safety stop us from being one of the unlucky ones.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thank you for your concern and your suggestion. I will be taking the vaporizer back to the store where I purchased it to see if I can get the one year warranty on it. It was a good machine but it’s day was up. And yes thank goodness I wasn’t hurt in the process.

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  2. First time comment here I only setup a WordPress account for a possible business venture to try it out added some subscriptions. I saw your post and was compelled to answer! 😉 A bit of background on me with regards to vaping I am an old timer I used to spend alot of time on vaping forums and have made, repaired and spent some time on vapecraft. I have vaped since 2013 having tried out a cig a like POS way way back in 2008 I think! There have been a few alarmist posts, media and press about exploding mods & mechs for as long as I can remember it makes for cheap sensualist headlines. I have owned, sold and bought more than 150 mods in my time from cheap Chinese units to limited made artisan handmade mods. Given the fall in prices of verified quality vaping boards I cannot even remotely recommend anyone to buy a cheap Chinese mod as with all scales of Chinese manufacture some are good some are not so good and some are crap! 😉 Before big tobacco and political forces killed vaping for the most part in most countries I witnessed maybe 30, 40 or 50 newly released mods a week mostly coming from Chinese manufacturers the race for the latest new shiny, more features, more power, more hyperbole was/is ridiculous with some manufacturers releasing products that were at best poorly made and at worst down right dangerous with regards to electrical safety. With any form of vaping or any modern gadget, safety should be paramount the amount of devices we have in our homes that could potentially have an issue the biggest concerns are batteries and chargers. Laptops, iPhones, Samsung Note 7s amongst numerous others devices have all in recent memory reported to have failed. Now as someone else has commented does tha mean with stop using all devices (the Note 7 was recalled)? One of the best vaping boards is american made by Evolv LLC which have several safety features this is not to say I haven’t seen any Evolv fail in the past few years but every single one I have seen fail or been in for repair has not had a catatrophic failure with regards to the battery (LiPo or Li-ion etc) YiHi which is a Chinese company probably make the most reliable Chinese made vaping boards.


  3. As i don’t want to go on more than I have! Would I stop vaping if I had an experience like you had? It’s hard to say given I use vaping as a nicotine replacement method recently due to stress I started duel fueling (smoking) and vaping due to insuffcient nicotine in the ejuice. Once I increased this I stopped smoking and have not smoked for several weeks, my advice get a LiPo safety bag and always charge your batteries in one, buy a quality charger with safety features, never use on-board (mod) charging, never charge unattended, never leave a unit charging while you sleep or next to where you sleep, always use genuine batteries NO REWRAPS LG, Sony, Panasonic.
    I don’t have much time for vaping these days as I have several setups and impending EU regulations which come into play in May this year will mostly kill off any real innovation in favour of big buisness & political corruption for what is possibly the biggest public health issue.

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  4. Glad no one was hurt but just from what was written it was user error that caused it. Anyone with knowledge of the gear would never use batteries that were questionable in any way. I’ve vaped for a bit over a decade and never once had a problem. Having an understanding of it all is what keeps you safe. Using questionable batteries is like playing with a torch while pumping gas. Just a flip of a coin whether you’re going to hurt yourself or not.

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