Pros and Cons of Vaping

Vaping obviously can help people to quit smoking. And through many studies have shown vaping to be far less harmful to your body than cigarettes. It has not been proven to be completely harmless.

There is a scary thing called “popcorn” lung which is something that a bunch of factory workers caught while working with that buttery substance that is put on movie popcorn. It’s a dangerous substance called diacetyl and it is found in vaping liquid.

Also when propylene glycol, a base component found in e-juice, is heated up it can be known to turn to formaldehyde. So there are poisonous substances that you could be inhaling when vaping. Just so you know.

But still vaping products do not contain the 4 thousand chemicals whereas vape liquid only contain 4 ingredients. So I still believe them to be more healthy than cigarettes.

Plus you can always get yourself down to zero nicotine strength if you choose to forego the toxic nicotine levels which can be cancer causing. Which is the goal for many vapers. To get down to a zero nicotine strength is my personal goal, right now I use a 6mg nicotine level, but soon I will go down to 3mg and then zero. The less nicotine you use the better your flavor will be anyway.

So to all the vapers out there I say be aware that vaping is not completely harmless but it is probably better for you than smoking cigarettes. I would say vape on! And you only live once. Doing nothing is definitely better than smoking or vaping but for now vaping is the better option.

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  1. I think your goal to get to 0% nicotine is worthwhile. But I wonder, as I only really vape for the ingestion of nicotine, if it is still worth vaping once you have weaned yourself off of the nicotine addiction?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I believe it is worthwhile to get down to zero just for the fact that nicotine is still another cancer causing agent. Although I do like the “buzz” I occasionally get from the 6mg strength. I would still prefer more flavor in the zero nicotine liquid. And it would be better for my overall health. Especially if I want the option of quitting vaping altogether as well. But yes once I get down to zero I still see some benefits of vaping as far as the hand-to-mouth addiction goes. It would satisfy my sweet tooth so that I wouldn’t gain that extra 10lbs. of non-smoker weight. Plus I would still be vaping instead of having that horrible craving of taking a puff off a cigarette. But I do see what you are saying, yet I still see the benefits of vaping even if I was down to zero nicotine.

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  2. I agree completely about vaping vs. smoking. My Dad used to smoke(or so I have been told) and has recently started vaping to avoid “falling back into the rut.” Although I agree Vaping can be just as bad, it is definitely better than smoking.

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    1. Yes vaping can be bad for you but I don’t think it’s as bad for you as smoking. Due to a study done in the U.K. they said vaping is 95% less harmful than cigarettes. But I don’t know of you read my other post where I blogged about my vape exploding. But that was definitely dangerous.


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