Vaporizers For the Newbie Vaper

Many people start out with a small pen-like aparati which is considered an electronic cigarette but doesn’t have the same satisfaction as when pulling off of a drag of a cigarette. By these I mean the disposable kind that are sold in plastic wrap in gas stations and convenience stores. The puff isn’t the same as a cigarette and therefore it’s hard to say it’s going to be a comfortable enough solution for you to want to switch from smoking to vaping. Plus these pen-like e-cigs are not known to be very healthy as they are usually made in China with no restrictions on the ingredients by the FDA. They have more of a chalk like substance rather than the e-liquid you would put into a more advanced style of vaporizer. I would suggest you try these if you want to get the idea of what vaping is like but I guarantee it gets much better than this.

disposable vape pen.jpeg
Beginner E-Cigarette

I started out with a starter pack which cost me about $80. It came with a 2 vaporizer pens, atomizer (the cartridge where you put the fluid), a charger and a bottle to fill the atomizer with. This was a reasonable package but I like the mod and atomizer that I  have now the best. I have gone through a few different levels of atomizers and mods to get to the one I have now.

Started Pack

This is the vaporizer I use now and I find it suits all the needs I have for a good quality puff and delivery system. It takes two batteries (a husband and wife battery), it shows the wattage, the volts, the ohms the coils are burning at and the counts the number of puffs you have taken. It also displays the battery charge of both batteries.

my vape
My Vape

I find if you cannot get a good puff or hit off of your vaporizer the less desirable it will be to use your vaporizer. Mine cost about $175 for the full set up, including the batteries. If you charge the batteries in a battery charger as opposed to charging the batteries directly from your device you will extend the life of your device so I have a separate battery charger where I charge my batteries instead of using the mini USB charger on the side of my device. That is only used for emergency purposes like if I’m out of battery charge in the car or something.

So I hope this answers any questions to how to start vaping and the best way to get on the road to a vaping progression. Enjoy your vaping experience, it is important to be fun (and it will if you have the right equipment), especially if you are trying to quit smoking.

Quit this habit if you can




19 thoughts on “Vaporizers For the Newbie Vaper

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  1. Interesting to see that you have graduated to what is known here as a ‘Big Box Mod’, The level of control they give you over temperatures etc is very good indeed. I still use the smaller ‘Tube Mod’, a Kangertech Evod Mega. This can easily be slipped into a pocket, and is not as bulky as the larger models.
    Your tips for new users are very good, and the progression from disposable e-cigs through to vaping is clearly explained.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I have never smoked … and I totally agree … quite smoking!!!! The sooner the better … haven’t a friend that been smokers that haven’t got server problems with their teeth .. while I have all my teeth and have spent nearly no money with my dentist – I’m nearly 70.
    I really dislike the e-cigarettes too – because of the leave an oily surface on everything. One thing is for sure .. they are not good for your lungs.
    I’m glad all airlines and museums have banned them.
    Very popular over here in Europe.

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