What My Family Thinks About My Vaping…

My mom and dad come into my studio bedroom and say “it’s cloudy in here.” I take that as they don’t like the fact that I am vaping indoors. They are worried about my health but I know and they know it’s much better than cigarettes. My dad asks, “is that smell going to stick to the furniture?” To which I reply, “no, it doesn’t ever smell in my room.” And then I light a stick of incense just to be sure.

My dream bedroom

I know they don’t like it that I vape, especially in the house, but they let me do it and for that I am grateful. For one; because it’s cold outside and two; it’s been raining a lot lately and I don’t want to go outside to vape. If they didn’t let me vape inside my room I’d probably be spending a lot more time at my boyfriends house or I’d probably try to hide it. So I’m thankful for my poor parents letting me vape inside my of my studio apartment.

Plus I feel like it helps me to get stuff done. I vape while I’m doing my homework and as you can imagine I’m vaping right now. I love being able to vape inside the house. It does not carry the odor as stinky cigarettes. And I do not have to worry about the smell on my clothes or in my room as you cannot smell any after effect of the vapor. Which is a big factor on why I think vaping is better than smoking cigarettes, the nasty smell from cigarettes is just not there, actually there is no lingering odor at all.

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  1. Congrats on the blog! Looks like you already have quite a few posts and numerous comments. Good job!
    I have been smoking cigarettes for almost about 20 years now. I am not a whole pack a day smoker. I average about two packs a week and usually get the organic American spirits.

    I have considered vaping because of the apartment I’m at doesn’t allow inside or porch. Instead there is a designated smoking area we have to walk across a parking lot to get to any time a smoke is wanted.

    I thought having a vape would provide the nicotine without having to walk a ways each time.
    You’re blog seems rather informative and not only the convenience but health benefits sounds a little better.

    I’d be interested in some future posts possibly with reviews of different vape instruments and your personal recommendations for best budget utensil not too expensive.

    -Sam from CS5711

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    1. Yes today I just downloaded the WordPress app on my phone which makes it much easier to use WordPress and their search terms. Thanks for the advice. I hope I can connect with some like-minded bloggers and surprisingly there’s a lot out there!

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  2. Vaping in the house does not add any smells, at least in my experience. We use flavoured fluids, and if you can smell them at all it is only when actually vaping, and the smell is not unpleasant. There is certainly no lingering smell on clothes or hair, and this has been confirmed by non-smoking friends who happily let us vape in their houses.
    Parents who don’t smoke will always see vaping as another form of smoking, and are likely to want to discourage that too. That’s what parents do, after all.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Hey there, thanks for checking out my blog, by the way! I’m so glad to see that you’ve found the path that has helped you to quit smoking cigarettes.
    Though I have been cigarette free for five weeks now, I am still very irritable and nothing seems to quench the craving for me. I’ve tried vaping and just wasn’t into it.What really sold vaping for you when making the transition?

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    1. Making the first purchase of a good mod and atomizer and shelling out the $150 for a basic set up was what it took to get the best puff; the same as that of a real cigarette. If you don’t have that same feeling as smoking a cigarette or get the enjoyment from vaping then I would say you don’t have the right equipment. It might seem like a lot of money at first but in the long run you end up saving, as a pack of cigarettes can run up to as much as $15 a pack in NY. They’re only $6 a pack where I live, but I find I am still saving money, as I used to be a pack a day smoker. But for the most part I wanted to save my lungs and body from cigarettes related diseases like emphysema and cancer and another big one (not to be vain but I am) is the wrinkles. I don’t want wrinkles and I don’t like my clothes and everything else to smell of cigs. So I guess there’s a lot of things really. Anyway I hope you can stay smoke free as long as possible, but if you can’t try vaping it’s fun and it’s so much less harmful to you. Congrats on your 5 weeks of non-smoking! 🙂 And thanks for checking out my blog.

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      1. Thank you! I have another, slightly more personal question about your vaping habits, haha. Do you personally use nicotine in your juice? If you do, would you wean yourself off or are you comfortable with what you’re currently doing?

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      2. I personally use 6mg strength in mine but my goal is to get down to zero. But honestly I still like the “buzz” that that you get from the nicotine. But that’s why smoking is so addictive. I one day hope to ultimately stop vaping too.

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  4. I quit smoking many years ago cause I found myself out of breath most often than not and yes, you are right. The nasty odor lingers on your fingertips, clothes, everything! But I haven’t tried vaping though I find it interesting. 🙂

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